Safe and Secure Credit Card Tokenization

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Secured Data

All of your PCI-protected card information is stored at 3DSI’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certified processing network.

Reduced Risk

CardVault lets you accept and process card payments without the burden of storing card data on internal systems.

Level 3 Processing

CardVault supports business-to-business transactions requiring Level 3 information (line item detail). Our Level 3 processing has saved significant dollar amounts for our clients by reducing card fees through better interchange qualification.


CardVault can be integrated with enterprise accounting and back-office solutions such as SAP®, JD Edwards®, Oracle®, Microsoft® and more. Learn about our new CardVault SAP integration.


CardVault allows updates to any of the saved fields, including cardholder name and expiration date, without retrieving the card information.

Saves Money

Compared to building or buying an in-house card data storage solution, CardVault produces the lowest life-cycle acquisition cost.

  • CardVault was designed to support both real-time and file-based credit card transactions, so the model was a perfect fit for U.S. Plastic. In the world of PCI compliance, CardVault also helped solve our most pressing PCI audit needs.

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Study, prepare, and protect.

Cyber criminals seek for opportunities to disrupt businesses like yours every day. CardVault is the perfect solution for protecting your credit card data from the bad guys.

How to know if CardVault is right for you?

CardVault® is ideal if you:

  • If you process card-not-present credit card transactions
  • Maintain cards-on-file for the convenience of repeat customers or ongoing billing
  • Need help meeting Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards for safely processing and protecting customer card data
  • Want to minimize business risk by removing sensitive customer card data from your internal systems
  • Process credit cards with a U.S. or Canada-based processor
  • Use your e-commerce, call center, or financial system software to drive credit card transactions
  • Take card-not-present credit card orders via the Internet, mail order, telephone, or fax

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of replacing valuable data with a substitute value for the purpose of protecting sensitive data in case of a breach.

How does tokenization work?

Tokens have no meaning by themselves and are useless to criminals if your company’s system is compromised in any way.

For example:
An actual card number 2123 3456 5678 6789 becomes the token value AEGHV234AUD54367. Format emulating options are also available.

Because it is not “cardholder data,” a token can be safely transmitted through your network between various applications, databases and business processes while the sensitive data is securely stored and encrypted in CardVault’s centralized data repository.

Will my credit cards be securely stored?

Today’s businesses are magnets for criminals trying to hijack, steal or destroy personally identifiable information, medical records, and credit card numbers. The increasing frequency and severity of data breaches proves these cyber thieves are highly motivated and sophisticated, knowing exactly where and what to target.

The fallout from a data breach equates not only to lost sales and revenue for a company, but also lawsuits, damage to its brand and reputation, customer loss, and stiff fines for not complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

CardVault® from 3DSI is an innovative and proven data tokenization and payment processing solution at the forefront of payment system security. CardVault helps you remove the risk and threat to your business by removing card data from your environment.